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stkki - The Ultimate Closed System E-Cig Vaporizor Pen


At stkki we decided to develop a product that benefits both CBD users and E-Cig users, giving the consumer the ability to fill their own pods with whichever vape they desire. Our stkki Starter Kit gives you everything needed to begin smoking pure. Each kit includes 1 refillable pod, 1 stkki Pen, a charger, and a fillable tip.

Smoke Pure

At stkki we strive to use the highest end, luxury components to manufacture our product. For the customer who believes in vaping the highest quality oils.


With the ability to fill your own pod, stkki offers both CBD and E-Cig users easy interchangeability. This is also useful when switching between different flavors and strains.


With an enclosed pod system, it is virtually impossible to break/separate the pen. Built from a single piece of metal, preventing common breakage problems.


With the stkki Starter Kit, the entire vaping process, from opening, filling, charging, and smoking, can be completed in only a few minutes.

Optimized Performance

In the vape world many people use a multitude of different batteries and interchangeable cartridges. With stkki, we have complete compatibility between our pods and our pens, offering optimized performance to provide the purest vaping experience. stkki is especially effective with ultra thick and viscous.

On The Move

stkki is the ultimate on the move device, whether you're in your car, on the golf course, at a concert, skiing, camping, or traveling. stkki is sleek, compact, and durable enough for any adventure.

Start Smoking Pure

Put down your prehistoric fiberglass wick cartridge, a begin to vape what your body and high quality oils deserve.
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